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Happy work anniversary!

Happy work anniversary to me, yay! This online paying site has been my favorite since 2010. I couldn’t believe I’ve been receiving opportunities from them for 7 years now. It was an awesome ride. Wishing for more years of opportunities. Cheers!

Thankful for the blessing

Last weekend, hubby and I purchased a few items at the grocery store and active bass at the music store using my second payment from AdSense as ad publisher. I received my first payment in 2013. I haven’t been getting good offers online. Anything that I get from online opportunities I save to pay for hosting…

BFF Timeout

Got this from my email today. Sent by Nuffnang. Check this link to find out how BFF timeout app works.

Localisation offer

I’ve received an offer to do a one-hour Tagalog review job from an online company. The person who wrote the letter said the company could pay $20 for the task. She also requested for my Skype ID to discuss the offer. I’m tempted to accept the offer but I have no Skype account and I…

More opportunities for us

I’m gradually opening up to a number of online opportunities lately. I don’t just do blog post for a certain company that promotes high school class rings for girls, but get involve in activities that allow me to use and promote certain products. I was hesitant at first, but with the help of my friends…