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Missing Grimm series

I just finished watching Grimm tv series (via Netflix) and I’m already missing the cast – Nick, Juliette/Eve, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, Wu, Adalind, Sean, and Truble. #grimm About Grimm: Portland detective Nick Burkhardt, descended from a long line of warriors known as Grimms, defends his city from magical creatures known as Wesen, which are part…

My kind of addiction

Yep, I’m a confessed Netflix addict. I spend (more) time watching movies, TV series, and documentaries whenever I have the spare time from all the tiring daily chores. Watching movies on my tablet while lying on the couch is pure bliss. It’s the only thing that I can call an addiction since I don’t go…

Top 10 movie smarty pants

When was the last time you watch a movie that inspires more than it entertains you? Here’s a list of inspirational movies that I’m looking forward to watch on my free time. I got this list on Youtube. One of the movies on the list is about a mentally-challenged music genius who plays a violin….