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Give me my mojo back!

I’m not so in the mood to update this site and all my other sites lately maybe because of the lack of blog opportunity. I wish to get my blogging mojo back before anything drastic happens…like orphaning my blogs? 🙁 Some suggests going out to see places and people to recharge. How about you, what…

Happy work anniversary!

Happy work anniversary to me, yay! This online paying site has been my favorite since 2010. I couldn’t believe I’ve been receiving opportunities from them for 7 years now. It was an awesome ride. Wishing for more years of opportunities. Cheers!

Thankful for the blessing

Last weekend, hubby and I purchased a few items at the grocery store and active bass at the music store using my second payment from AdSense as ad publisher. I received my first payment in 2013. I haven’t been getting good offers online. Anything that I get from online opportunities I save to pay for hosting…