Can’t get enough


We stayed up until 12 midnight last Sunday just so we could catch up the televised program of the CMMA which actually happened on Oct. 12. We were excited to get a glimpsed of our daughter on TV that hubby even recorded it on our laptop. We were waiting for the portion when they were called up on stage to receive the award and pose for an obligatory photo opportunity. Sadly, we were only able to see our daughter’s back huhuhu. It was too quick. However, when we have the recording slowly replayed we finally get to see her facing (sideward) the audience hihi. I still have that “high” after she and her group won the 38th CMMA’s Best Student Short Film for their thesis – an 8-minute animation titled The Prodigal Son. Who would not be proud to have a daughter like N. We are very proud of her and thank God for her gift. (I’ll update this with a video soon.)

Happy Birthday hubby!

We pray to God Almighty to continue to bless you with good health and sound mind. We may not have the riches this world has to offer but we have each other, our kids to cherish in this lifetime. Happy birthday and I love you so much and thank you for taking care of us.

My kind of addiction

Yep, I’m a confessed Netflix addict. I spend (more) time watching movies, TV series, and documentaries whenever I have the spare time from all the tiring daily chores. Watching movies on my tablet while lying on the couch is pure bliss. It’s the only thing that I can call an addiction since I don’t go…

Buy a guitar online

A few more weeks and its Christmas Day, have you finalized you Christmas wish list yet? If you are intending to learn to play a musical instrument particularly a guitar anytime soon and you want to buy a guitar online, you have to initially check different sources to compare prices and quality. It doesn’t hurt…


I considered our brief stay at Torre Venezia Suites as my me-time as I was able to sleep comfortably in an air-conditioned room beside my loveydoods. I only wish they have this piped-in music that plays uf6 songs. Hubby and the kids considered our overnight stay as boring that they prefer to be snoozing at…