Graduation accessories

I’m planning to have these pearl necklace and bracelet repaired so my daughter could used them on graduation day next month. I have no other pieces of jewelry to lend her and I thought these cultured pearls could match her white dress for graduation. What do you think? My problem now is where to bring these pearls to have them repaired?

Excited for my daughter’s graduation day

I’m excited for my daughter who is about to graduate from college in August. It was her last day in school yesterday (June 21) but will have their final exams next week. After that she will be busy preparing for graduation-related activities such as rehearsals and picture taking and attending to baccalaureate mass. There will…

My shortest haircut

  This is the shortest haircut I’ve had in like decades. I never really planned to have it this short, I just wanted something different. It isn’t bad after all. 😀 Update: My hair is no longer this short but may intend to have similar hairstyle one of these days.

Missing Grimm series

I just finished watching Grimm tv series (via Netflix) and I’m already missing the cast – Nick, Juliette/Eve, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, Wu, Adalind, Sean, and Truble. #grimm About Grimm: Portland detective Nick Burkhardt, descended from a long line of warriors known as Grimms, defends his city from magical creatures known as Wesen, which are part…

Acoustic song for me please

It’s my birthday and it would be fun to have someone sing a song for me using acoustic guitar at One of my favorite acoustic songs is More than Words by the rock band Extreme. It’s like a national anthem for the hopeless romantics in the early 90s. I wish someone could play it…