Valentine’s Day gift ideas

The list is endless when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas. The romantic and the practical one would find writing poems, letters, or songs as the best gift they can give to their special one. Those with sweet tooth are most likely to receive cakes and chocolates. And there are those who wish to spoil their loved ones with musical instrument like a guitar. The best guitar you can give to your special one can be found in guitar center shops. There are several websites that you can check for the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

I’ve lost another pound

This could mean nothing to anyone but losing one pound is a good thing for me especially that I’m not exerting effort to lose weight until I was operated on last December. From my pre-op weight of 74 kilogram, I was down to 72.3 kg this month (January). I couldn’t be happier of this progress. I…

My better half

I’ve been complaining about so many things at home – the unfinished online and offline tasks, money matters, and failing health. It’s just overwhelming to bear. I’m thankful that I’m not alone in this little “battle”. Hubby is always there for me. He’s my rescuer. I could give him anything he wants for he truly…

Goodbye endo pain!

I’m finally free from the bondage of pain at last! After my Dec. 13 operation, I no longer experience the debilitating pain caused by endometriosis. My life is starting to get better as I’m recovering from the surgery. Hope to update my blogs on a regular basis with fresh ideas. 🙂

Trade Show Internet Can Be Your Personal Event IT or Network Engineering Companion

When it comes to provision of internet connections for events, you need a partner like Trade Show Internet, who will ensure that all your IT and engineering needs are catered for. The company is known for building robust temporary internet infrastructure for clients who want a seamless network during their events. Trade Show Internet has…